During a software presentation for a group of clients i said:
"I reworked the interface for you. Now it's idiot-proof."

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    Aaand you just laughed it off nervously after you realized you messed up and continued with the presentation?
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    @liammartens One of the clients replied "thank you for the compliment" in a sarcastic way. Then i realized what i did and apologized.
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    Next meeting with customer: "So, we came up with a better idiot, and now your interface is broken..."
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    Lol! 🤣
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    The guys in the room are rarely the ones who will actually use the interface...
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    Sometimes the truth hurts but it is still the truth 😅
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    I'd say that counts as honest, but not so honest you'd get in any serious trouble. Most execs and leadership (at my company at least) know deep down that they are not computer experts and are sometimes prone to stupid user mistakes. (That's why they hired us 😁) Hope that was secretly what happened with your audience!
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    final user: "idiot-proof"? challenge accepted!
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