Not me, but a colleague of mine ordered 10,000 pens with <company>.com printed on them - but our company had a .org address.

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    Too bad the .com domain was a porn site...
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    @Almost HUGE biggy as our competitor had the .com address...
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    Sell the pens to your rival. Solved!
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    On the plus side, if you wanted consistency, you now had 10000 pens to change everything else in the office to a .com
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    @oscarascal satan spotted
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    WOW!!! So you you and the competition share almost the same virtual name? Who came first? >.<
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    @azous the egg
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    Just cross out the com and replace it with org on the pen using a permanent marker.

    Otherwise plan a merger.
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    Send one pen to your competitors everyday for 10000 days.
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    Hahahahhaaha this reminds me of a friend of mine, his company launched a marketing campaign for their app, they printed 1000+ banners with different sizes and spread them across the city.
    Just to find out later that the QR code to download their app was wrong! Apparently their designer forgot to replace the placeholder QR code XD
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    I bet he's a whizz at Excel!

    and other non-web technologies
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    Not me but the "Marketing Director" at an old job of mine had 100,000 catalogs printed with a 1-800 number to a sex hotline rather than the company's 1-877 number.
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