Why do we never talk about angular? It was way ahead all the time. Like you got all these nice things with Vue 3 and React 42, but bro angular got it all for years..

It feels so nice learning it.

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    well... this is devRANT. I guess there's not much to rant about it... Except perhaps for having a very rigid ngComponentOutlet w/o any built-in way to supply @Inputs and @Outputs...

    So I had to come up with my own solution for it: https://github.com/angular/angular/...
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    Angular was okay. I liked the features but disliked the approach. It felt clunky.

    (Though this probably improved considerably with later versions.)
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    @Root I dunno, it still feels clunky. But tbh, that clunky feel is pretty much the only thing I can fault it in the context of frontend frameworks - so it still sucks, but they all do.
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    I fucking hate angular so much.
    1. Halfassed rxjs which results in bunch of stale states.
    2. Stupid module system with stupid oop approach and bloated export.
    3. Halfassed typescript support with unexpected run time types.
    4. Slowest dev server on the market and they made dev server slower for v12 release to make "dev environment more similar to production environment". When people ask for swc or esbuild support, their response is "swc and esbuild do not do type checking".
    5. Difficult to test. I have no idea how they managed to sell the idea that angular is testable because of dependency injection.
    6. Terrible and inconsistent documentation. Is it good or bad to use rxjs??

    Reading angular issue thread gives me heart attack
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    Angular is the textbook definition of "overengineered pile of dogshit" and the reason you don't hear about it much is because anyone who's ever used it for anything non-trivial has been so traumatized by it that we actively fight to keep it out of our brains.
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    I agree. Angular was one of the first frameworks I learned so it helped me a ton, but yeah probably won’t ever use it again.
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    Angular is good to build mental strength because it puts you under extreme duress when you are coding with it. Admittedly I liked some of its organizational peculiarities , particularly the nice component structure . But that was all. And I moved on.
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