We have a job offer for you, here are the details:
Required knowledge of these IDEs: Eclipse, ...


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    Ngl, eclipse is not necessarily that bad.
    Don't like it personally but it does the job.
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    @Ranchonyx Yeah I don't get the hate for Eclipse either. It might be slow and it might not be pretty, but it does a damn fine job for vanilla Java development
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    I hope it's for a core Eclipse dev.
    Otherwise why the fuck do they get a say in which editor you wanna use?
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    Eclipse is the unenthusiastic hand job of IDEs - it sortof does the job but there are more satisfying IDEs out there...
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    Yea I was very surprised when I started my job and eclipse was the standard
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    I have enough Eclipse knowledge to know not to use it from free will. That should count.
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    Or requirei to use codeblock.
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    @Oktokolo oh .. remember back in the day , when android studio is not in the market , we all use the stupid eclipse to develop apps and eclipse crashes every minute?

    Btw I prefer the current IDE like android studio, inteliJ , atom (discontinued)😭 and visual studio code
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    @johnmelodyme Sure, it was too slow and stopped a lot. But you still finished...
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