Hey folks, I've just launched the https://okso.app - it is a drawing app that you may use to express, grasp, and organize your thoughts and ideas.

One key feature there is that you may organize your drawings/sketches into a hierarchical tree structure so that a large amount of data would be more manageable and less overwhelming.

I hope you find this app useful!

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    Fuck yeah!
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    Fuck yeah!!!!

    awwapp reborn


    I do hope it'll play nice with touchscreen-laptops
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    Cool stuff good job
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    Holy shit!! awesome man
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    It DOES play nice with a touchscreen laptop. Good job!!

    Touchscreen phone drawing could be improved tho -- the line is lagging too much behind the finger. But for laptops -- super!!
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    i... don't want to be an asshole, but... y'all DO know that's one of the perfectly achievable usecases of OneNote, right?

    but yes, it's a very nifty feature
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    @netikras yeah, you're right, the performance is a big issue there. The task to do something with it is in our roadmap.
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    @Midnight-shcode yes it is. However, onenote requires an account to be reachable via web. And if not web-based -- a device must have onenote installed. And installing a huge suite just for a drawing board seems like an overkill to me.

    I'm very excited about this project. VERY
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    @netikras then don't let anyone spoil the excitement and go for it :)
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