Play Store's $25 registration fee - for getting PWA listed in their shitty catalogue? Who in the right mind would even jump in this clusterfuck of store to find a *web* app? For all you know, Google, there is such thing as QR codes - and customers can just scan the code (or type in that sweet address). Voila! Boom!!! Ching-ching!

Hello-hello, monopolistic cashgrabage! I came to inform you that your TWA bullshit is unneeded in ETHICAL space. The only ones who would benefit from this thing are permission-hungry publishers. And I'm already sick of this culture where people are put into store bubbles. You can't hide the fact that this data and features you provide, with "native" layer, may be misused in a jiffy - and by big players, no less. Of course, as a vile dumpster that you are, you don't mind it.

Don't even bring up a battery consumption that comes with PWA and browser. This doesn't matter if you use an app for some 2 minutes to tick your mental checkboxes! I'm just sick of app stores and native apps that collect the data without normal warning, and dare to take more than 1 second to fucking load the cached data. Take a lesson or two from PWAs that collect (probably useful) cache, instead of my specs, and load almost instantly.

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    Imagine paying $25 to get rid of this top browser bar in your PWA, only to realize that it was always possible without TWA. Don't believe me? Here's the thing you can "Add to Home Screen": https://www.soundslice.com

    Acts and breathes as your usual native app. Even though it was not made look fully native-esque, to my taste. But the idea is it doesn't need to be published in some shady store and it can continue to evolve without TWA.
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    Better than paying 99$ a year
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    @jonas-w $99 for what? Need to be specific.
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    @vintprox apple developer account is $99 a year
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    @cygnus @jonas-w TBF, I didn't care about Apple when I wrote this - you pay for their devices to develop for them anyway, might as well find a publisher to stop facing it. They also put dick on everything PWA, because they don't care about userbase.

    The point I'm trying to make is that TWAs are clownry promoted to make you like Android more and be able to collect even more data from unsuspecting users and give you a false confidence that you became an "Android developer". This rant is also a subtle reference to morons that speak tomes about PWAs *freely* waltzing into Play Store.
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    It's $25

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    @12bitfloat it's not the discussion of how much and it's not the most important point I'm highlighting in this rant.

    In the world that doesn't need oversaturated app stores, where the same services can be promoted with short URL/QR or brand name. Why would you need a TWA? The name itself is a cheesy joke, too. "Trusted Web Activity". Trusted your ass, Google.

    PWAs already do what was needed of them. But no, some marketers' funny bone just loves to get under your device with TWA instead of doing normal web app.
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    - yes, this world needs stores as there are common users who want to be reasonably sure not to download a virus from “the internet”.

    - yes, a fee is required as a measure to avoid bots… we could argue wether or not it should be this high given the price share taken on the sale.

    - PWAs have limitations and have been invented AFTER the stores so no, not everything can be made as a PWA.
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    @piratefox Totally agree
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    1) Sure buddy. But the thing is, you don't get a virus by tapping "Add to Home Screen" by any means, whereas going through the trouble of installing APK from store is nothing but more concerning. Spread awareness.

    2) It's out of the question. To be precise, there is no argument about the price, to begin with. What's with you, people?

    3) PWAs only get better if you don't play the game of "Bye-bye privacy" with the browser. I don't doubt that tools have their intended use.

    Discount system? You don't need access to SMS, contacts, and NFC.

    Chat app? No problem, ask: camera, microphone, RTC.

    Want to make it re-engageable? You'll have access to notifications if you ask the user normally, instead of assuming that they need them anyway.

    Unfortunatelly, PWAs are shrouded with obsolete intel that tells you to find a workaround.
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    1) true only for pwa, not for APKs and once more, think about bad users, not about prosumers. Your granny ain’t gonna understand the difference between download and add to the screen 😘

    2) you complain about the fee in the first line of your rant, if it wasn’t relevant you would have not ranted about the fee, but just about the store.

    3) you know battery & data consumption is important in mobile devices, right? Cause I see a lot of people crying about js on devrant, imagine how optimised your web app is when they take a couple of full stacks, slam them in a legacy project and just tell them to make a pwa. Mh hm! Love the smell of burning batteries in the morning!

    Plus, pointless to say, good luck making a 3d game with good performances on web (at least given the current insufficient state of unity + web assembly)
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    @vintprox if it wasnt 25$ there would be more bloatware
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