Does anyone here really like typing SQL? I mean just typing queries all day long? Are touch typing and sql related? Next on google: How to build a backend app with only sql?

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    There's no greater feeling then navigating around a well structured database plucking out the fields you need.

    On the other hand, I'll take a bourbon and a shotgun to the head when there's many-to-many tables that need to be rejoined to navigate around tables, those suck ass.
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    @C0D4 Alternatives?
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    @nousernamehere you can use an ORM and bring the query back to code layer, but either way you should know how to query a DB well and efficiently.
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    I like solving queries but I do not like to just spend days querying databases manually, I create queries that is then used in the applications.

    And I rarely use any tool to help writing, some intellisense but thats all.
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    Well if you can hack NASA with HTML why not building app with SQL?
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    @gitpush MA used to have a template solution to generate html directly on the sqlserver some 20+ years ago or so :P
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    Hate it. You might want to try a nosql db like MongoDB.
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    Design and writing complex SQL is a bit like a sado maso session with a switcher, someone who tops or bottoms...

    Sometimes the database fucks you hard.

    Sometimes you fuck back.

    In the end, it can be a very happy session or if you were just fucked, a very painful and boring one.
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