ahaha. The white Slack emoji skintone is frowned upon at $work, and we're encouraged to use the yellow one instead to be "inclusive" -- but fear not, the brown ones are totally fine.

Gotta love woke companies.

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    I thought the yellow one was Asian skin. /s
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    the introduction of ANY non-yellow-emojis was a completely wrong decision in the first place.
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    @tosensei My previous company added a color shifting one to be "SuPeR InCluSivE"
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    @iSwimInTheC I should ask for a freckled skintone lest it be racist against the Irish.

    ngl though, I'd totally use it. I love my spots.
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    @iSwimInTheC but i don't feel like a chameleon. that's offensive!!!1111one!!1!
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    @Root so you're irish _and_ have freckles? AND you're root? damn, that sounds like some i'd love to meet ;)
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    @Root 83% oirish, but I tell em I am native american.
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    I used the black one for a while without being black... Wasn't right either.
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    @tosensei here drink this🥛you seem thirsty.
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    @iSwimInTheC nah thanks, already sipping on my whiskey ;)
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    Ah yes, when race or gender becomes the defining feature of a human being's value, then we are fucked.
    What boggles my mind is that such people either don't recognize or blatantly ignore the parallels to actual racism like in Nazi Germany and all the other historical instances where it lead to genocide...
    It doesn't matter if the "oppressor" was "oppressed" before he came to power, it's still unjust.
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    Modern wokism = anti-white racism. And also anti-male sexism. It's as simple as that. Racist and sexist assholes who think they own morals.
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    sounds like a discrimination based on the skin color to me. don't forget to raise this concern to your HR and document these conversations outside of the company reach for "future use"
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    @tosensei Amen! Non yellow emojis are non-solutions to non-problems.
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    @tosensei The mistake was already replacing the good old ASCII emojis with graphics. :)

    @qwwerty Doesn't work because white people are not allowed to complain.
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    @Fast-Nop well, if we go that way, the original mistake was allowing people to use the internet who aren't tech-savvy enough to spot the difference between a toaster and a hamster
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    start accusing people of being fatphobic unless they write in all bold ;)
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    @kiki Ahaha. Want a job?

    You have some diversity points. Should be easy.
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    @kiki You will see similar things at some point, if you haven't already.
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