Micromanager: “@Root, you need to do <thing>! It’s important, and very unprofessional if you don’t. Bad things can happen if you don’t do the thing. You need to get into the habit of doing the thing.”

@Root: Already does the thing.
Micromanager’s boss: Doesn’t do the thing.
Micromanager: Doesn’t do the thing.
Team: Doesn’t do the thing.

Micromanager: “You need to work on your reputation, @Root!”

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    Ffs, maybe its time to have a talk with HR. Sounds like harrasment.
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    @bioDan Yeah, but the problem is I don’t care. I just want to leave. (Also, HR here is totally unreliable/useless.)
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    I just say OK. And leave it at that. No point in getting your blood boiling.
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    Do the thing!
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    @Root just like fucking Toby.
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    @iSwimInTheC Yep, me too. That’s how I survive most of the madness.

    @Lensflare but, but… I already do the thing. :<

    @zemaitis Toby?
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    @Root hes HR from the office
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    @zemaitis Ahhh, okay!
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    Alright, @kiki, feel the passion of this post. Starting doxxing yourself. lol

    I will start: My name is Nawt Abbot, and this post makes me soooooo angry!
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    waiting for this opportunity :P
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    The thing... What thing. The thing
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    @Root passive aggression is the successful response to micromanagers.

    Micromanager: you need to do the thing
    Root: I'm doing it *I'm surprised you're not aware.* (deny, and deflect, switching roles. Basically reverse-DARVO lol).

    Mm: (something to the affect of) then why am I not seeing it? / obviously you're not doing enough of it

    Root: I didnt realize you werent in the loop / being kept out of the loop! I can slow down (whatever that means, lol) so you can keep up if you need me to.

    It's just a game of counter-inverse virtue signaling. Disparage the other *by implication*, while deflecting attacks.

    Once you get it, it can be super fun to fuck with people that play this game.
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    Another one is the jealous types that fick with you after finding out something good happened for you (promotion, raise, good report from senior staff). It doesnt simply have to be something that puts you in zero sum competition w/ the jealous one. They see anyone around them, improving their lot, as competition and will immediately target you for things like what root describes, but also for all sorts of other attacks and harassment.

    You counter the jealous types bu ignoring the attacks, playing friendly, and then bringing up your successes and forcing them to play friendly too.
    "Yeah so you heard about that promotion I got? Isnt that great?"

    Social habit will force them to agree in order to keep the mask of civility. They fucking *hate* this.
    That's because, like parasites, or vampires, they really do derive their self worth from identifying opportunities to knock people down a peg or tarnish a good moment someone or anyone is experiencing. They're spoilers.
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    And by turning it around like this, they mentally consider this having to "lower" themselves.

    It's a direct refutation of their parasitic model of self esteem. Because in the jealous types case, their self esteem is based on feeding on others self esteem. Naturally a lot of people go through life, having moments or successes soured because these various vampires, and other ghouls, abound wherever you go. That it why it is so important to expose them to this tit-for-tat style of interaction.

    In the case of micro managers, malicious compliance that makes them look amateurish in front of superiors, is the 'killing' move, because micromanagers derive their self esteem from parasitizing competence by over exerting control.

    Theres few other types I dont have room for, but it's all variations of making the opponent play by their own rules.

    Think about how you can do that, and regardless of who you face you'll always be prepared to give it as good as you get it.
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