I need to check 100k tables in the database so I wrote a script... It runs fine for 5 minutes; then suddenly I get an error out of nowhere: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND influxdb-dev.cloud.etc.com. What the helly hell? When I restart my script, the host name is found fine again; after 5 more minutes it crashes again with the same error. I cannot think of a good reason why this happens. Why would the host disappear? RIP

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    Some sorta ddos protection maybe? Too fast on requests?
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    You have a DB with 100K tables? 🤔
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    ... some firewall between you and the host which decides after 5 minutes that you're trying to DOS the host, so it starts pretending the host doesn't exist, precisely to hopefully crash/slow down whatever is accessing it so intensely?
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    Have you tried rate limiting the requests or spacing them out in time?
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    Looks like a DNS problem to me.

    Seen this? https://stackoverflow.com/a/...
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    Maybe put the IP address of the host in the local hostfile? Saves a bunch on network dns resolving requests
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