So I've taken over a project, well, not really taken over, we've been hired to add more functionality to a Wordpress site.

I have never seen such a messy code in my life... variables have mixed languages, indentation is a mix of tabs, 2, 3 and 4 spaces, camelcase, snake case, short names, long names. ' and ", no spaces after commas (gotta save those bytes doode)
Almost like it has been copypasted from everywhere.

I think I said 10-15 hours for it. I think I will spend a lot more time tidying up this code.

Hey, look, 3 index files!!

I don't dare to look into the CSS or JS, but I know I have to

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    That moment when you feel rebuilding from scratch would almost be as fast.
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    @rootshell almost and fast, and better. The website is actually super simple, one pager with a calendar booking
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    @ChainsawBaby It'd be tempted to redo it. And at the top of the index an ascii goatsie artpiece and the line under it:
    Your code is shit and you should feel shitty.

    Sadly, most don't like that kind of humor. ;)
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