Boss: we can't accept your MR request until you fix the problems we highlighted, everything is blocked and the client is getting angry

My brother in Christ, I understand your concerns but I need you to understand: you decided to block a perfectly working and documented PR because you didn't like having "<!-- -->" in a couple of HTML files and menial bullshit like that.
It may not be the most elegant thing ever but don't put on me the responsibility of your blocks or I'll smash your face with the coffee mugs I've used to work until midnight so that you could deliver the product in time after someone else delayed the deadline twice already.
Thanks and get fucked ASAP.

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    Sounds like....
    "I agree, and lets fix on the next MR" and, "the fix was tested and works. if you decide to delay the release to client, thats your call. I think it is better to ship on time".
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    Well, the boss is the boss. If he doesn't want to ship, that is fine. Whether the client gets angry or not isn't your problem. Just remove the comments and resubmit the merge request.

    Also: Don't work overtime for someone who doesn't honour that.
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    Shouldn't have requested a merge request request
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