Sooo electrician charging $750 on the low end to drill a hole and run a cable. Total time: 1 hour.

Tell me engineers aren't massively underpaid.

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    Demand vs Supply
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    well, when you look at it _on average_, at least software engineers are overpaid, actually. most of those that applied at our company totally suck.

    but yeah - _qualified_ softwareengineers are underpaid AF.

    but, in comparison: when we screw up, a program may crash. when electricians screw up, a house may burn down.
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    I wonder how much of that goes to the insurance they have in case someone gets electrocuted (or a house burns down as mentioned)
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    I don't know, saving a few bucks comparing the friend from church who wired my garage *backwards* and the electrician who fixed it, I'd say that was money well spent.
    In comparison, the electrician probably thinks we're overpaid. All we do is click on a mouse all day, right?
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    @Cyanide exactly. Demand vs supply.
    Yet where I live, going down the route to becoming an electrician is almost seen as a failure; like you’re not good enough for the more "noble" professions, so you decided to become an electrician.
    As a result, not enough electricians around; many of them aren’t that good. All they’re all making good money
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    @tosensei It might result in a plane crash. Don’t underestimate the bugs :)
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    @tosensei if an electrician does his job well, it results in a little light.

    If an engineer does his job well, it results in millions of dollars.

    Don't have a poor mindset, fight for your wage.
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    @Cyanide not really no. Demand VS Supply only works when prices are transparents. Wages are litterally the only priced that we've been conditioned not to share, for a reason: market manipulation.

    On top of that, it is very well known that the supply of good engineers (not even great, just good enough to build maintainable basic product) is way low compared to the demand.

    The issue here is that engineers are educated (formatted), electrician aren't. This results in decades of wage stagnation, and still to this day, when our salaries used to be a house every 5 months, it's now a house every 5 years. We lost 10 times our purchasing power.

    And still when we rant about it we have useful people justifying it.

    Meanwhile the lesser educated electrician keeps it simple, has his own business, and unlike us: is nobody's bottom bitch.
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    Well also regulation vs no regulations
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    Skilled SD are underpaid. Because they are left repairing the shit left by crappy devs
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    @nachocode f dude tell me about it. It's basically been my life, that and writing their documentation after fixing their shitty code...
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    @glemiere and your bosses telling why are you taking so l9ng to add a new feature in shitty code or why upgrading that shit is going to cost
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    Oh no, I actually deliver code pretty quickly usually. I keep things simple and straight to the point, well documented while still delivering faster than clown devs. And I have a toddler harassing me.

    No, no, the problem is that I always either end up with a job where the manager is a moron who bitch about me taking time off because the fucking ship sinks if I breath for a minute, or corporations that underutilize me and give me the most brain numbing, dead end tasks.

    So what's my last option? Training on fucking leetcode for a year so I can spend 6 months interviewing with some shitty FAANG?

    Fuck fuck and fuck. I hate this industry.
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    @PaperTrail wait how do you wire stuff backwards as an electritian?
    you mean if you'd plugged in a phone charger in your garage the battery started to drain and the solar panel on the roof started to shine?
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    @Jedidja TL;DR, basically all but one circuit, for example, to turn off a light switch you had to flip it on, if that makes sense. Kind of dangerous if you assume switching something off at the breaker is actually on. The electrician had no idea how our friend messed it up.
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    @Frankistan I feel ya. It's either do dumb work or train for a year for no pay for stuff you havent touched in 10 years
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