Somebody got the environment messed up :D

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    This is only a test of the production broadcast system
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    At least they show that they follow a good code of conduct with this notification, though! This notification will never be considered anything but for testing purposes.

    Unfortunately, some people put questionable things when testing notifications without thinking they might accidentally leak into the production environment like this.

    Not too long ago, there was a news app whose notification system the devs wanted to test. Of all things they could have entered as a message, they put the following: "[notification test][dev] we are under attack by guerrilla or special forces."

    Well, the notification somehow leaked to the production. Of course, Twitter went bonkers that day, and the devs had to apologize for the upset they had caused.

    Never put weird s#!+ to test your code. It will eventually leak into your production environment.
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    You haven't lived the life before you send a test message to the wrong environment, stating THIS IS NOT A DRILL in the message.
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