Things that are obvious to me when I talk are not at all obvious for the people around me. Not at all. Whatever I say, people hear something else, and I have to elaborate.

There are two possible reasons.
A) 95% of people around me are fucking stupid
B) Long chain of conclusions I encounter and decide to skip is not evident, and is an example of lateral thinking. I have to be more specific and tell the whole chain when I speak.

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    In professional life or social?

    Cause in professional, It's definitely the stupidity part. I've seen this a couple of times myself, but you can see It's true judging from the other rants on devRant!

    In social It's mostly that people no longer understand language and everyone thinks It's ok to have their own definitions of words instead of using the correct ones.
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    A. People are stupid.
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    Mostly column A, a little from column B
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    @Hazarth re: social I have a friend (let’s call him Jimmy) that is horrendous about this-and in general is an insufferable knowitall. In a twisted kind of way I take amusement when I see it happening if we’re out among peers.

    Like the time they tried to argue with our attorney friend about some legal definitions, got absolutely schooled on the topic, and spent the rest of the night sulking. Attorney friend changed the topic and went out of his way to not talk to Jimmy the rest of the night.

    Jimmy is a med school dropout by the way, and has gotten into debates with lawyers, pilots and engineers about their professions and routinely gets slapped back down when he tries making up definitions and then accusing people of “you’re not hearing MY point tho, I use that word this way” and getting told “okay, literally no one else does so what IS your point?”
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    C) you're an alien so your brain works in a way that's completely unlike how everyone else's does.

    but you could say this is just one possible reason for both A) and B)
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    @ComputerToucher i love getting into debates with people who know better than me and being confidently wrong in my claims about their area of expertise. it's the quickest, surest, and most amusing way to learn new things! =D

    (when you just ask, often people can't be bothered to explain... but when you're confidently wrong about something, it triggers that primal instimct which ensures you'll get the most passionate, most detailed explanation possible =D)
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    @kiki whoop, as an ASD-person too, this is my life. Like how can people *not* understand. It's just a simple logical chain of thought with an obvious answer.

    It's just literally my brain works differently. But the joy of meeting those people who get the thought instantly, it's pure haven.

    (EDIT. I usually just want to end the other person's life.)
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    Definitely A.
    I’m guilty of B, but people don’t listen anyway.
    Probably some C for me, too!
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    Something I've noticed is that individuals who many people look up to for leadership and inspiration aren't necessarily smart. They can just explain things really well.

    These people have nothing more than reasonably good ideas but because they can explain them in such a way that even the worst mouthbreather can understand, people will follow them regardless.

    So while you're definitely suffering from A, I would really recommend you practice B and watch your career unfold itself beautifully.
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