Not all Asians are the SAME. Let me explain, I got a coworker who goes by the name "Lau Dum Fuk" (which I learnt that it is pronounced "loud doom fok"). I was so stupid that I pronounced his name as "Loud Dumb Fuck" very awkward. I am Asian but I pronounced Asian name wrong . Who started with the idea that all Asian are the same?

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    I have an issue with the Phuc's of the world.

    I would have pronounced his name as Lau dumb fuck, at least yours isn't as insulting 😅
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    @C0D4 I was so embarrassed during the meeting. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    In my presentation and answering questions given by this guy. I thought he wasn't listening. So I said this " are you with me dumb fuck? " . Now I sound like an arse. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
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    i get you fam I get you!

    Not all Hispanics are the same. I have a coworker named Antonio. I keep fucking up his name, I just call him "Pinche pendejo" completely fucking up his name, not awkward though, i own that shit. Do it too. Own it.
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    It's annoying when spelling is pronounced differently. Why lau dum fuk and not lau dum fok?
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    @netikras maybe it's actually pronounced fuk but OP pronounces it as /fʌk/ like you would if it was English
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    @electrineer exactly I pronounced it as in English.
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    You can look up the Great Vowel Shift to find out why the English no longer pronounce vowels as they're written
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    no no no, you all *look* the same not *are* the same. Get your stereotypes right you dum fuk!

    jk I luv u, which could be another Asian name xD.
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    @johnmelodyme Please don't cancel me on twitter, I will do better next time! :D
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    @Hazarth I don't cancel people. I am cool <3, I consider this is just humour. No biggies.

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    I have been getting my asian stereotype humor from Steven He. Not sure that is a good thing.
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    Made my day
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    that's an unfortunate name for someone in an english speaking country 😅 i bet it wasn't the first time it happened
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    @darksideofyay very unfortunate.
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