When your Tesla’s battery fails, because they cut costs, you are hit with a high-pressure, thick stream of chemical hellfire spanning your entire car’s interior space. It will burn you to a crisp in 30 seconds. Because of all those “aUtOmAtIoNs”, door-opening mechanism will also fail. There is no way you’ll get out.

After 30 seconds, there will be no one left to rescue. After two minutes, there will be nothing left to bury.

There is no way a fire squad could extinguish this. That’s a battery fire. If you remember your chem class, you know lithium burns violently underwater.

You’re gonna die. Elon won’t be responsible, as usual. No one will face any consequences.

But damn, what’s an epic bacon hyperloop tech way to go out, isn't it.

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    They are overhyped, ugly, not even better for environment, often broken, cheap interiar, yet sell expensive.

    And then the exclusive "super" chargers only made compatible to teslas on purpose..

    How is an automatic car even sold as cool. I dont get it. Im still young and am doing my driving license now, dont really get the hype abt that.

    Im all for hydrogen though ^^
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    Hyperloop will never work
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    @Linux thunderf00t says hi
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    @joewilliams007 self-driving cars work like public transportation but also for underdeveloped areas. You get to mind your own business while you are teleported from one place to another.
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    @Linux well it could kinda. But its far to mega expensive and unreliable. Also why not just trains
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    Have you tried to update the node packages? If that not works try to delete the node_modules folder and install the packages using yarn.

    That might fix your Tesla.
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    @joewilliams007 trains? Where's the fun in something that actually works?
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    At least it's a quick death
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    The doors are so bs… they have a manual way to open them but it’s so freaking convoluted there’s no way you are opening it under pressure in less than 30s
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    @Linux Not with that attitude 😆
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    @joewilliams007 Hydrogen for the win
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    @badcopnodonuts As per energy density and practicality, things don’t get much better than petrol. Liquid hydrogen has higher energy density, but to store it, gas tank has to have very, very thick walls, to withstand the pressure. And, hydrogen is a bitch. It’s extremely dangerous. You can’t smell it until it’s too late. Hydrogen-air mixture will explode if you look at it the wrong way.
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    @kiki yea. But we gotta get past the whole killing the planet bit when we use petrol bit. Also it took considerable legal action to get petrol cars as safe as they are now in regards to fire. The same will be true for electric cars. Look up the Ford Pinto rear end fires.

    Also, trains. We need more
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    @jeeper yes, we definitely need more trains. Especially American folks
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    @jeeper affordable trains make a world of difference
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