I just noticed something, I wanted to test out flutter so I decided to make a basic Todo application.
I made a Todo app with flutter and Kotlin and what I discovered was that. Flutter apps are very large.
A Kotlin Todo app had a size of less than 25mb while a Flutter Todo app had 60mb. And I didn't use too much design.

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    Debug app is bigger
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    Are you been sarcastic?
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    Probably, I did build in development mode.

    I can tell apps build by flutter, it has a fell to the ui an animations.
    Even on playstore flutter apps are bigger.
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    Well flutter apps have to include their own engine and aren't using any native UI components. It's a completely different system
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    The last app I made with Flutter is 7.5 MB... Pretty sure there's something else going on if you're getting 60 MB for a simple demo app
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    @hitko yeah, I agree. My apps hasve always been around 5-7 MB
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