The good ol’ days of devRant where one could get +600 upvotes for a corny joke


(I’m not jealous 😁)

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    Ahhh... The good old days of undefined.
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    And to think, there's was over 4K users at one point, or JaSe was an over achiever back then

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    Got my free stress ball when the bar was still at 300++ on a single post.
    It's at 750 now. Noone's even getting close to that.
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    Good old days, we lost some good people from this platform, tho many good still here :)

    One big fan of this platform was @linuxxx it was weird to see him go away silently
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    @C0D4 nah, that's probably closer to the amount of currently existing accounts. Most users have probably found that rant from the stories tab and lines it.
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    @localpost even if the 750 were reached, I wonder if they would even send it. Seems like they’ve deserted the platform
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