Linux just made my day. Everybody knows how Windows won't let you shutdown your hardware until it updates, right? So last night I forgot I was upgrading Manjaro in a background terminal (full distro update, tons of packages) and hibernated my rig, plugged it off, took it to a different location. Today I hooked it up - different network, IP, etc. - it woke up, finished compiling whatever it ended up on then downloaded, compiled and installed everything else, said "Thank you very much!" and dropped the mic. Someone tell me this isn't pure awesomeness! 😂

It asked again for root password but other than that... shrugged off 12 hours difference like a boss!

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    Linux is a meme
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    In latest version of Windows, you can chose:
    - Shutdown
    - Update and shutdown
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    @WildOrangutan we all do sub concionuslyy press that bottom one though :D
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    @joewilliams007 yep, I sometimes misclick shutdown instead sleep 😑
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    Tbf, that's how it's supposed to work :D
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    Linux is simply for servers. I used Linux for my VPS and for my virtual machines hosted on AWS & Azure.

    I write codes on Windows. I play games and watch movies on Windows.

    What you described is nothing extraordinary. I can put my Windows laptop to sleep by closing it lid, while it is installing updates too. When it resumes, when I wake it up, there's no problem too with continuing updates.
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    Windows doesn't hold me hostage like that. I know most of their tricks
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    @daniel-wu Linux is for servers... why?

    Last time I started my Linux computer I was still able to write code, watch movies and play games

    The fact that Linux is for servers and Windows is for the desktop is bs propagated by Microsoft to "justify" that their crappy OS is even crappier when running on a server.
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    Yeah hibernate actually does work fairly well
    Fedora it picked up actual compilation tasks and all the extensive unit tests completed successfully
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    @ess3sq same
    And all the codecs you didn't used to be able to use are pretty much all in vlc

    Ffmpeg too
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    @ess3sq that and pretty good hardware support
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    @ess3sq I note also the hw that didn't used to be supported was junk anyway
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    @AvatarOfKaine Oh, I disagree to that last one. No hardware is junk when it's yours and you don't have spare money to buy better one. And Linux understands that. Some time ago I found my very very old Pentagram Quadpen tablet and it didn't work. What's the real beauty of Linux is I could add support to libinput myself, send the patch upstream and now it works for everyone out of the box. It's simply impossible with Windows.
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    @ess3sq no you weren't able to play games. We're talking AAA here, not tuxkart.

    @daniel-wu but seriously, dev on windows is not fun at all imo.
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    @nitwhiz yes I was, GTA V with Proton/Steamplay
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    @ess3sq @nitwhiz Lots of AAA titles have become or are becoming available, check out protondb
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    @cprn on the subject of junk
    Two come to mind
    Biometric readers on old HP business laptops
    And winmodems
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    @AvatarOfKaine Well, I haven't used either so I can trust your opinion.
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