I hate and despise all governments so much right now. Blunder, waste money. Politicians are rarely held accountable for the bad decisions

People say that anarchy is bad. Like, the streets would be full of thieves and bandits: you walk 10m and you get robbed because there is no police. The real question though, is: do we have any real evidence on this matter? Just something I've been wondering about lately.

Do we have a real-world example where the crime rate actually goes down because of a good decision made by the government? Do we have a historical example of an anarchy society? The way I understand it, people were just more bloodthirsty in the past: many liked the idea of going to war and killing enemies (is fact). Now the culture has changed, but the governments are stuck in the past.

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    "The real question though, is: do we have any real evidence on this matter" - no need to. it's an inescapable logical conclusion based simply on the statements "in anarchy, killing people is legal" and "the ruthless, egomanical, deranged individuals currently running and ruining governments won't magically be gone in anarchy"
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    There are loads of historical examples of anarchic societies, and it's absolutely plain that where there is less protection against crime and an absence of consequence, there is more crime. There have been many periods of history and literally hundreds, thousands of societies.
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    Fuck anarchists.
    I can elaborate why, if you want me to.
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    If there wasn't a strong government like you think of, the power vacuum would be filled by some other group that wants it. You don't even need to look back in history, you just need to look at the world today beyond the end of your own nose.
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    There's anarchy societies which went well, some others went badly, but it's not reliable at bigger scale.
    No, the governments issues nowday is more the lack of imagination, same "software" installed on all of them, and there's a form of uniformity between them.
    Add to that damaging companies like McKinsey, PwC and all those types of clowns.
    But see, if you try to do anything differently as a country leader, you're gonna be bashed by all the rest, and newspapers, and oppositions, and other countries
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    post-catastrophe lawless societies develop power systems. Anarchy is unstable and therefore the damage isn't usually done by it but rather the completely arbitrary power system that comes after. Not all of them are bad, and not all of them need to come from the outside though, Mondracon is a great example I've heard of, a society stripped of its critical infrastructure developing a stable bottom-up organization that can actually compete with external top-down organizations. Top-down democracies put in place by foreign powers who need someone quickly to sign trade agreements with are more common though.

    I'm not an authoritative source on Mondracon, I want to learn more about them when I'll have more free time.
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    Come to my anarchy minecraft server. You have plenty of evidence haha
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    Nothing can stop you from committing a crime. NOTHING. Police won't stop you, laws won't stop you. The idea that the only thing that stops people from committing a crime is the threat of punishment has been debunked over and over- people commit crime all the time when punishment is severe.

    On the other hand, the idea that there is no threat of punishment for crime when there is no government is equally as laughable.
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    I suggest checking out the book War: What is it good for? By Ian Morris. It doesn't go straight into talking about anarchy, but the evidence it gathers makes a very good point when it comes to humans and our inner killer chimp.
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    I know that many politicians are bad, but not all of them. Many actually care about people, you just don't hear about them.

    Negativity gets more views.
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    @spongessuck That's just daft.
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    @spongessuck being in prison does.
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    @ess3sq that happens after you commit a crime.
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    @spongessuck and stops further crime
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    @ess3sq Didn't stop you the first time.
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    @ostream Most people think they're doing what's right for sure. I'm sure even the shittiest authoritarian lunatic is convinced that his actions are for the greater good.
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