This was interview in so called startup.

BTW I don't get point in company calling themselves as startup when they are 5-6 years old, just call your self small sized company.

1 - online interview with HR, Normal.

2 - online technical interview - 1 hour of discussion with Lead.

3. On-fucking-site technical interview - ~1 hour of detailed technical discussions.

4. Coding task- submitted successfully

5. Zoom meeting to discuss on coding task - just told it was good and started discussion on their dead project which was unrelated to job position but I've worked with that kind of thing so it was fine.

6. Trial Day Onsite - Gave me to draw a fucking BPMN chart - fuck you motherfuckers - I knew it was waste of time.

Fuck this kind of Hiring process which takes >1.5 month.

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    You had me at 5. Zoom meeting ="D
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    What is wrong with BPMN? :confused_pikachu_face:
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    @0xsuid mate, what's wrong with the BPMN task? =)
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    I too want to ask what is the big deal with creating a quick bpmn chart ? Just want to see you can describe the business process in a pretty chart with pseudo tech terminology
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    @djeddiej I think the point is the number of interviews. I'd be pissed by that many as well.
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    @darkwind @scor @djeddiej

    Lot of interviews +

    The issue with task was that - for whole time I was there On-site, I was assigned only one task - to draw BPMN chart, I asked for further task but was sitting idle for response as they were busy with other meetings....
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    Time stealing fuck wits.
    Right, I totally agree.
    Draining your time even before you have started in a place is quite a flag showing things are bad already.
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    On a tangent here, I would call any "beanbag-happy, beer-tap industrial-site frathouse wannabe" with a misspelled unpronounceable name an "startup".
    After all, "scalable company" is such a loose concept that pretty much any Uber driver fits the description.
    Heh, Google has a larger overhead than Ford! Maybe we should be calling Ford a "startup".
    Thus, the term better describes trendy fashion, decor and architectural choices than it describes companies.
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