Honest question: Is Jira really that bad?
Iam using Jira. It is not blazing fast nor is the UI amazing but I wouldn't rate it so badly.

That said, when the UI gets cluttered it's mostly company-internal stuff that fills up space (not only Jiras fault). I also don't use confluence.

But I see so many rants on it, is this just people jumping on the hate-hype-train?

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    It is often configured like shit
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    For a small team and a basic workflow, it's not bad, if you can get your hands on linking stories with git commits / branches / Pr's it starts to get better, if you can automate tickets transition based on git commits, it removes even more administrative tasks.

    For a complex workflow, with unthought out steps, and having to transition tickets through 20 steps to get it if your plate, it can be a waste of energy to deal with.

    Confluence, is well... don't write to much on a single page or it'll shit its self, only one of very few websites I've ever had trip up the 4GB ram usage limits of chrome/edge 😂
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    At our company it is very fast, way faster than Jira cloud. I've however lost content, and also the multi-step conversions are annoying when you need to do them in bulk.
    Other than that it's a tool that is highly configurable and works. It's not the best but certainly not the worst
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    It's not. Depends on configuration
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    It's old, clunky and a pain to work with, but it works. Most of the time.
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    I only used it once. Seemed to be a very convoluted way of achieving not much.
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    Depends on your internal process.
    Complicated process -> horrible Jira experience.
    Simple integrated process -> good jira experience.

    The most annoying part is when idiot manager try to track stuff using excel, along with jira.
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    Jira is for project management, not for agile software development. Developers could do with plain sticky notes. Some advocate just using Miro as a simple way to keep track and offer visibility to others. Trello is also lightweight.
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    jira enables idiot "agile" managers to implement their idiot "agile" manager-shit.
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    Jira is like having enough rope to either moor your boat or hang yourself.
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    I for one, simply detest work related stuff.

    ALL work related stuff.
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    I like Jira. It can be configured like shit though. It's project management really, you get all the nice tools for that so ofc it's not as fast as something purely following only *your* workflow.

    I like moving tickets around the board, gives me a clear picture what other's are doing and what might still be lacking or needs to be doing. And I can also use time for stuff that's clearly work but it's not demanding. xD
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