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Since Saturday morning my throat has been feeling like I’ve chugged bleach. My eardrums feel like they’re gonna pop at any moment. I just got home from a doctors appointment. I have fucking covid. I have so little covid specific symptoms that I almost didn’t get tested, doc only tested on a hunch. The only time I’m around people without a mask is at the office so someone at work must have given me the big-sick. If it wasn’t for the vaxx it probably would have been in my lungs by now.

Imagine being such a loser that you get covid this late in the damn game. Goddamnit

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    Ouch, tough luck. Just wanna clarify that wearing a mark barely helps yourself from getting Covid but rather prevents you from spreading it as easily.
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    @ScriptCoded yeah hopefully I didn’t spread it before symptoms started showing. I did register my positive test with our health department asap, and work is doing the most to prevent more infections rn
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    @ScriptCoded an FFP2 mask does significantly protect the one wearing it
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    @electrineer Really? I've heard otherwise šŸ˜… but I might be missinformed
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    @kaki you’re fucking joking right? Please tell me you’re joking. That would just add to the amount of pissed off I am at whoever gave me this shit at work
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    @kaki damn dude I really hope there’s something they can do for you to stop it. I can’t imagine how annoying it must be
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