Are there any good plugins/tools or something for visual studio 15 to turn it into a good IDE for PHP developing?

I'm using Brackets now, i tried Eclipse, PhpStorm (too slow and only a 30 day trial) and Atom so far. But idk, theres always something that makes me thinking like "nah.. thats not the right for me". Now i wanted to try VS. I used it for C++ developing and was pretty much in love with it.

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    Why would you need anything special to develop in php?
    All you need is a text editor and something like XAMPP to be able to run the code locally.
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    @runfrodorun except it is. I know am entire business that develops on windows and even uses windows server and one of the php devs is a very good friend
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    @runfrodorun that's the same way I feel about vim

    I just can't see how people can actually use it for development, but still: they do
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    @JTBringe I'm on the same wavelength. A text editor forces you to be economical with characters. Otherwise you end up function and variable names that take more effort to read than the actual program.
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    Try VS2017 community edition.
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    Why dont try Dreamweaver? I still preferr Brackets because Notepad++ isnt available for Macintosh 😎✌️
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