On top of being ignoring the Linux community and the audio problem caused by their sheer incompetence to use WebRTC and Electron in order to support screen sharing, they now just sent me the whole damn thing again over the span of 2 hours.

This is why I won't pay for discord until they get their shit together.

Not to mention the disastrous android app update recently that still has unaddressed that make daily usage a pain...

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    I only use their website as I rarely use it and don't want this bullshit electron thing
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    just yesterday i was stumbling on that again, i wanted to to see, which programs have sound and which ones don't. It appears that none of them have, in contrast to Anydesk transporting sound flawlessly.

    Discord is really weird software, likes to randomly restart itself for seemingly no reason.
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    Then again, even Windows has a lot of issues with that one.
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