DevRant likes to load GIFs like this on my phone...

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    Wait for it to loop
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    Let it loop once
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    glad to see I'm not the only one
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    It's because of GIF compression and devRant devs not implementing the starting frame right.
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    @dfox check this out after the vacation
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    This has been a problem since day 1 guys 😂😂😂

    Pretty sure it's in the "wontfix" bin by now.
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    Actually like to show gifs here for co-workers... Then I touch the screen a few times like I'm doing something, gif gets fixed... They're like, wow how did you fix that??

    There is no stupid people
    .. Only people who doesn't like to think
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    @umnikos makes sense, so you're saying it basically skips the first frame without rendering the full picture at least once?
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    @acerspyro Yes, basically. If the frame jumps though it will show the full thing. Otherwise, you need to wait for it to loop.
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