WannaCry Ransomware Execution flow..

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    wow, that's awesome 😮😮😮, the creater is a genius.
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    Very informative but It's out of my mind.
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    Now I don't have to explain someone without visual...
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    Anyone knows from wich country is the wncry team?
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    @balldk a genius that might caused people's death? Not in my mind.
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    @tahnik the path to upgrade is paved with lots of deaths...

    Yeah bullshit quote, but windows xp...

    They were asking for it. Government and people need to understand that computers,os,security are not
    gimmicks... And understanding how to use a PC became fundamental as reading and writting.

    The lesson must be learned one way or another and they still don't want to learn... Maybe this way...
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    @curlyDev you're saying a few persons death is necessary to remind them they need upgrade their software?
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    @tahnik i live in a country where thr motto is:"it works dont invest". And this situation happen because people steal money dont invest... And you cant complain.

    Yes people need to die so others understand the gravity of situation.

    I even say Linux should be the way to go so they cant go with:"windows cost us this much".

    This goes way more as they don't upgrade equimpent, staff, methods.

    People lose their chances of life because of old software which would have made the lines for bureacritic shit smaller... But someone needs to steal the money... And here we are...

    People already die because of this, now is just an alarm.
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    @tahnik einstein ***drops mic***
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    @curlyDev Have you ever heard that a person died because they were using an old software? Equipment and staff is a totally different thing than a software.

    "Linux should be the way to go" - because all the software they use is available on Linux right? And before you spit out all the "security features" of Linux, if Linux was as much popular as Windows, it would have been attacked in the same way.

    "people need to die so others understand" - Man I really just want to cry right now. Nothing justifies a person's death. You have no idea how valuable a person's life is. In 2-3 hours the ransomware was on the news. Why didn't the devs just stop it once it raised a point? The longer they kept blocking the NHS computers, more people were getting in risk.

    And I want to say this again and again - Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies killing someone because they need to be reminded to upgrade their software.
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    @RYPTAR Einstein didn't intentionally participate in creating a creating a nuclear weapon. His valuable knowledge was used by political figures for destructive purpose. And einstein had no control over it. But the devs of wannacry had a chance to stop it once they proved a point.
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    @balldk the hacker that started the recent attacks was probs just a script kiddie, but I have a feeling he didn't write it.
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    @DucksCanCode yup, it belongs to NSA, but I'm talking about the creator, not attacker
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    @balldk wait, so did the NSA write it or is it just their property after the attacks?

    Why the hell does the NSA need ransomware???
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    @balldk what the fuck? Why the fuck does the NSA feel the need to make fucking ransomware? And why are they so fucking insecure that something like that can be stolen. Fucking morons.
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    @balldk her twitter is Malware Unicorn. Bad ass woman.
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    @DucksCanCode NSA didn't make a randsomware. They just discovered the vulnerability and (I don't have proofs but it's obvious) they were using it to... well to do NSA stuff, spying here and there ;)
    Hackers took that vulnerability and turned it into randsomware. At least that's what I understood.
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    @Joserc87 it's still fucking bad that they have a vulnerability like that and decided to be sneaky bastards and keep it. Motherfuckers.
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    @DucksCanCode of course! You are absolutely right sbout that. I'm not defending the NSA. I'm just saying that it wouldn't make sense for the NSA to steal people's money when they only what their info and control over them.
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