after moving back to my home country, buying an apartment and after my career started to head to nowhere because there is nothing to code for me in work, just manager stuff, I am returning to coding after work to get back into shape, practice more, learn new stuff (and the old stuff)

wanted to create a small webapp with laravel/vue, holy fucking shit how hard it is (for me) to setup your env

install composer -> command php not found
o.O im pretty sure i had php on this machine HOW THE FUCK WOULD I HAVE ALL THESE PROJECTS HERE THEN

install php8.1 -> no such package

upgraded to ubuntu 22.04, install php8.1, composer
create new laravel project -> 3 errors, missing laravel/pint, phpunit
* visible confusion * i told you to create a project, if you need it, why didn't you... oh, wait

composer install -> same
well, * looks left, looks right * --ignore-platform-reqs

but still getting the chills from a new project, now I go sleep and tomorrow I start my journey to get back to business, wish me luck

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