Interviewer: Here is the interview challenge. Tell me what the expected output is. You have 5 minutes.

** 100 line class with 4 async methods that contain if/thens nested 4 layers deep that call each other and log things to the console

Dev: Ok wow this is a bit of a maze to work through but I’ll try my best.

** 1 minute later of reading through the code

Interviewer: One minute has elapsed. There is now 4 minutes remaining.

Dev: Actually could you please not interject with time updates like that while I’m reading code? It makes the challenge harder than necessary. Just letting me know when the time is up would be fine.

Interviewer: Ok.

** ~2 minutes later trying to comb through this spaghetti mess

Interviewer: What do you think are you getting close to figuring it out?

Dev: …

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    Shpaghette 🍝
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    Red flag alert! Prepare for the real legacy code that you will have to maintain once you got the job.
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    You are getting a position as a human unit tester.
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    After the interview, you should send him an email every 5 minutes saying: “have you made a decision yet?” for a whole week, and then on the off chance they say yes to you, you say no.
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    That clearly isn't a test of your debug abilities but whether you can work under pressure. And that is the actual red flag. You probably will not work as a bomb disposal specialist. So why would you be under pressure while working?!
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