I'm scared of databases. What if I go to the bathroom and my dog or the Cookie Monster gets into my laptop and drops a table? How could I explain that?

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    You leave your laptop unlocked?
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    You stay signed in on your database 24/7?
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    @Linux what if I lock it but the Cookie Monster knows how to unlock it?
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    If you are in the bathroom this is the only drop you should be worried about:

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    Or you could use a user without drop permissions, and only explicitly switch to a more privileged user for destructive operations.
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    well, how WOULD you explain not locking your computer? that indeed IS inexcusable.

    also: how WOULD you explain not having working backups?

    (and if the cookie monster can unlock your computer, it can also unlock the database without you, so you're not part of the equation anymore in this scenario)
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    You have weak Password?
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    Take your laptop with you to the bathroom and lock the door. Hopefully Cookie Monster won’t chew the lock off, so leave a huge jar of chips ahoy in front
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    Win + L and maybe logout from any database tool?
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    You love with the cookie monster?
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