Oh mighty how I hate Windows 10
1. It will run that "antimalware" malware killing your CPU
2. Fucking shit will auto restart for updates so if you run some 24h process you are doomed, and there is nothing you can do to stop it, unless maybe deep shit digging in MS god only knows registry values
3. Will be your fucking daddy showing you blue box, "oh we detected you may be a pussy, so we prevented this exe from running, please click 50 times to allow it because we care about you by creating virus prone OS in 1990 and we continue to do so"

NO Microshit horsefuckeers stop developing this garbage OS, let it die and force the world to use Linux, yes harder at first for every day Joe, but once learned it's state of the art OS, even your Azure cloud runs of Linux so for fuk sake stop develping WinDOS!
Or let the user to configure "fuck off mode" I don't want your virus scanner I don't want your protection, just fuck off and let people to whatever the duck the want!

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    I agree. Alhough I'm eagerly waiting for LSW to be released :)
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    Second point is wrong. You can mitigate automatic reboots with group policies if you have a Pro or Enterprise version.
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    Third one - the same.
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    @Kernel oh no! Paying for the tool you're using every day for years. How can that be acceptable ever?!

    Do you even hear yourself?
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    And here is daddy mode again, first I had to click "keep" because "oh we at MS are pussies and bat file is not commonly downloaded file" and after clicking "keep" this on the picture. What a fucking idiots!
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    no kurwa jego mać! Are those people fucking mentally ill? now needed to unwrap "show more" just click "keep anyway"

    Yes fucking Microsoft keep asking me like a fucking 5 years old hoping I'll give up.

    Yea it will harm your update malware!
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    I need psychiatrist now
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    @theKarlisK yupp
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    In case you don't believe me, this is the Windows experience in 2022
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    @iiii Even for Windows Home, you ARE actually paying because MS charges fees from the OEMs when they put that on the machines they're selling to end customers. Obviously, the OEMs factor that into the device price so that the user pays in the end.
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    @skiron That Windows pseudo security crap is outright ridiculous.

    Just as hilarious as training users not to click links in emails because that might infect the PC - while totally not getting the idea that if just clicking a link really can infect the PC, the problem is with the system and not with the user.
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    So, the users need to pay extra to DISABLE the patronization and be able to make Windows less secure (according to MS).
    That‘s actually hilarious 🤣.
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    So you want to keep using Windows. Fine, but please stop whining (or actually start WINEing and skip the rest) and just do what we all had to do: Disable the snakeoil. Set updates to manual. Keep the fucking UAC enabled. It really makes sense to have that single extra step telling you that some not installed software want's to run (yes, it is almost always an installer you just downloaded, but when it isn't, this is the only thing that actually protects you).

    If you need tutorials for how to do Windows stuff - there are plenty as text, text with images, or even just videos on the web. But you can also ask specific questions here.
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    @Lensflare Or they just search for the registry hacks. But yeah, that is how non-FOSS gratis software works. You get fed ads or nudged to an upsell if you aren't willing to invest time to fuck around the fuck. Because if you don't pay, you are the product.
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    i have to side with the others here though. As far as i know, updates on my work machine are controlled by the domain controller, which i can't do anything about.

    and the security it really a bad joke. In some cases it runs up a whole prompt ala 'hey somethings _about_ to modify stuff', sometimes it runs up prompt after something has been run, and sometimes it doesn't do anything at all.
    Like executing powershell scripts.
    I cannot control, if i want to only execute this specific script without enabling script execution for the whole world and their dog.

    But i also understand, that people should pay for their tools, unless they're going for OSS.
    It's just weird, that the comparable OSS Software doesn't have these problems.
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    @thebiochemic if the admins in your org configured something like idiots... It's not really an OS issue anymore.

    I'm not trying to totally shield Windis from all flak but sometimes the complaints are just ridiculous.
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    @Fast-Nop true, I know that Windis home license is included in laptop price in any case.
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    @Kernel I am using both Windis and Linux for various reasons and I rarely have any issues with Windis myself. I've configured the policies for my use case so that the OS actually never bugs me. At most it timidly notifies me that I should eventually reboot to install something that could not be installed on live system (who knew Windis could do that?! It totally can, you just need to activate the policy.) And I see those prompts like once in two-three months or so.
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    @iiii yeah i guess that's fair. But im just saying, i have my reasons to stay away from Windis on personal machines, and so far it saved my sanity.

    i like the word Windis, will use it from now on too 😅
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    "let it die and force the world to use Linux"

    If Microsoft *did* let Windows die, that's definitely not what would happen.
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    The problem of these complaints is... why would you run server/web services on it? Or run long video encoding process/3D rendering process which takes up to 24 hours on it?

    ¯\_( ❛︠ ͜ʖ ︡❛)_/¯

    I use both OSs. I have never had problem with Windows, nor anger toward Windows, because I only use it for stuffs which require me to sit in front of it. Such as coding web app on Visual Studio Code. Opening emails. Browsing devrant.com. Or playing games downloaded from Steam.

    Also if your work flow requires you to accept UAC constantly, you can simply disable UAC permanently.
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    the same problem but windows 11 is other problem too
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    I'll bite
    One version to the next an os that runs the same exact things will take a few more gigs of ram to continue to do the same things
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    I agree with all the comments above actually
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    @ymail port ssms and vs is my complaint

    I don't want to learn c++ and python is clunky when it comes to ui crap !
    That and if I'm going to write some hrml Fe crap with a backend electron will probably end up being some piping process tree monstrosity lol since my experience with node J's makes me want to kill it
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    @Fast-Nop doesn't Microsoft actually pay OEMs for not shipping any other OS than Windows, or did they stop doing that?
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    @electrineer It seems that was in the DOS era, not Windows:

    "Beginning in 1983, Microsoft sold MS-DOS licenses to OEMs on an individually negotiated basis. The contracts required OEMs to purchase a number of MS-DOS licenses equal to or greater than the number of computers sold, with the result of zero marginal cost for OEMs to include MS-DOS. Installing an operating system other than MS-DOS would effectively require double payment of operating system royalties. Also, Microsoft penalized OEMs that installed alternative operating systems by making their license terms less favorable."

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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