My client might just make our designer ragequit. 30 days ago he said: ohh this login page looks empty, I want images in the background. 15 days ago he said: I like the images, but change this part and this part. Today he said: I don't like any of the imagea, get rid of them. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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    I would either charge for every change/hour or try to convince them I am a professional and solution A it's going to be more successful
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    I see rants like this a lot in here, and I get the frustration, I do.

    However, what I don't get is how people continue to let this happen. I'm fairly successful in my role and this is how I would handle that.

    Firstly, no implementation begins until client specifically agrees on a design. Signed off. Explain that changes to this signed off decision will incur a charge.

    Secondly, client comes back and wants design changed.

    Thirdly, conversation with client where he/she is reminded that this is the design they agreed to and signed off on. Then ask why client is changing their mind, put it on them to justify the change. You can frame it (if you feel the need) as a way to avoid this happening again.

    Then, if the arsehole still wants it changed, take his money and make the change.

    You will find that, in general, when you put things back on them, highlight their fickleness, they will generally go away or stop the erratic mind changing. If they don't, you keep earning.
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    pro tip : Always create a backup in case of shit client wants the old layout back, or make a new css class instead modifying the existing one.
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