I hate the feeling when you're creating an app then the designers provided you a mockups that aren't intuitive, it makes me lazy to code 😒

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    Some designers are incapable of thinking beyond the aesthetic. I've been working with a designer for many years, she is from an ink on paper background, i do all her thinking. She has learned nothing about UX and UI. Each project I have to virtually chop up her designs and have her re do them, i force her to run everything by me prior to any client contact. She is great with clients and wins lots of work (web) which I get to build, essentially she is my boss. I am self employed. Rather than piss and moan I put my stamp on things, she never complains as she understands the bigger picture and the results speak for themselves. When you have to work with people that frustrate you, find a way to make it work, but also keep the rants coming!
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    @helloworld nice, that story quite interesting 🤔
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