How I see GPU brands:
- Team blue, Intel:
Oldschool autistic engineers, working GPU but not practical
- Team red, AMD:
Competitive but anarchist, horrid Windows drivers, but good on opensource, anti-mainstream
- Team green, nVidia:
Way too greedy cunts circlejerking each others off during breaks (like Apple employees), delivering on performance, but wayyy overpriced and scammy tactics

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    I have had nothing but problems from AMD for decades when it comes to drivers for Linux.

    Intel is even worse these last 5-7 years.

    Fuck Nvidia, but at least I can get it to work.
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    Back in the day I've even returned an ATI Radeon card. Divers in Windows where bad. Some games unplayable (might also be the fault of the games being tailored to Nvidia). On Linux or was nothing but trouble. Proprietary Nvidia drivers where way better. A shame because the hardware was top notch.

    After the AMD takeover I hoped for better drivers but if was the same shit, different name. Much later i encountered a full AMD system that worked nicely. And decided to try again and I'm not disappointed. The drivers are way better now on Windows. I'm team red and not disappointed.

    Team blue just hasn't got anything powerful enough outside the standard laptop usage.

    Nvidia is no fun to work with on Linux and also has more and more issues with their drivers/cards.
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    Using AMD for 1-2 years now and I don't have any issues at all. Most likely upgrading to AMD again. nVidia can shove their board somewhere.
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    @sariel wait you had those issues on Linux? That's surprising
    I specifically sold my nvidia optimus laptop I'm favor of an amd igpu
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    @LotsOfCaffeine keep in mind that the last time I owned anything AMD socket 939 was used in everything and ATI was still a thing.

    The experience I had was so atrocious that I swore off AMD for life. Doubt I'll ever change that unless Intel does something incredibly stupid.

    I also will never own Seagate drives ever again either. I had two Seagate drives go out within a month after warranty. Lost one terabyte of data that year along with the cost of the drives, which were NOT cheap. I remember them costing me about a months' wages.

    Funny story, that AMD CPU is still running down in my old XP bitch PC that I use to run old software. I like to imagine she's tired but I just won't let her stop working because I'm a psychopath like that.
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    @sariel you are a psychopath, not for using that old CPU, but for still running windows xp
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