When you can't decide between lisp and python:

(print("Hello world!"))

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    std::cout << "nope ;)" << std::endl;
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    System.out.println("who the fuck uses lisp");
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    @RazorSh4rk I heard learning lisp can make you a better programmer.

    I ain't sure if that's true, but it sure is a fun language.
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    Id rather just learn c++ honestly
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    @RazorSh4rk I tried, but codeblocks was so frustrating to install so I gave up...
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    @umnikos codeblocks is by no means a requirement for writing c++ programs...
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    @libcmg well, QtCreator was made with Qt, so that's kinda obvious
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    @libcmg you're right, but I probably shouldn't tell anybody to use lightweight stuff for C++ development, considering I'm using visual studio ^^'

    And for some reason, I can't get Qt installed anymore... On Linux QtCreator simply freezes upon starting and on Windows, it won't even start the download. Got so pissed off that I simply started to work on my framework (that actually fits my needs and follows my personal coding style)
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    <¿php echo "lol jk fuck php" ?>
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