If there are bugs in your code, the problem 100% of the time is that you’re not using Rust. Just rewrite it in Rust, and all bugs, security, and performance issues will disappear. Any software not currently written in Rust should be rewritten in Rust. Rust is all you need to know as a Software Engineer. This future is Rust. Welcome to Software3.

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    Please start with OpenSSH.
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    Joke/meme category, please.
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    i wholeheartedly agree.

    only that you misspelled "c#" a lot
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    Rust is considered harmful. We need to rewrite all Rust applications in WD 4.0 immediately.
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    You should really upgrade to Software4 and start using Carbon...

    It is like using windows 7 while windows 11 is out.
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    @Grumm but I'm already on Windows 95
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    Everybody stop.
    Assembly code and writing it to a ROM chip is the way you go. Stop with all your high level crap languages. Just bake it all into chips without ever being able tot upgrade.
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    @Hazarth Living in the future aren't you :D
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    There aren't obsolete languages, each has its own tradeoffs. If for instance you prefer an ACE followed by a crash over just the crash, you should keep using C and C++.
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    broooo! Just use punched cards why are you wasting time with soon to vanish programming languages ...
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    @tosensei as a C# dev good luck having a decent performing OS written in C#, trusting your car ABS to immediately trigger when needed if it’s written in C# or having C#’s CLR itself written in C#
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    @DEVil666 Garbage collection has a resource and timeliness floor. Rust doesn't.
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    @DEVil666 ditch garbage collection and boom - you can do real-time programming in c#.

    as for the other arguments: moot, since you can apply them to any other language as well.
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    @Demolishun or openssl

    However the character of this rant has a brainwashed quality
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    @AvatarOfKaine I think the rant is /s implied
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    @Demolishun I feel stupid suddenly
    Regex or sed ? I don't remember what it means.

    Oh substitution

    As in substitute any language for rust and make the same argument ? Is this satire about developers?
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    @AvatarOfKaine no man, /s for sarcasm.
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    @Demolishun well in essence either would work since this is originally mine lol
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