Porting Java Code to Kotlin manually, just to get a better understanding of the language. Best thing so far, NO more Assertive Exception Handling.

Damnit Java, I know it for a fact that the damned thing won't throw an exception! There's Careful and Paranoid. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE

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    @Artemix Gonna do it later. Actually making all the code from scratch for this project. Nothing gives a lower level knowledge of the language than writing all of it myself. Same reason I'm not using Anko either.
    P. S: Would love to hear experienced dev's views on my learning methods. I'm still fairly new to Development, so I try to do stuff from scratch before using a library..
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    I see you are having "fun"
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    @Cybersapien great take on this. I often see people using libs everywhere, even for one single http call. Good that you at least learn the basics before going full out on libs. I did it the same way on Android and kotlin. And I don't use anko to this day, at least not their DSL. Their async and uithread methods are great for converting async tasks to something more readable though.
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    @lulebe The DSL is the reason I delayed Kotlin and Anko for months. I was introduced to the language in February this year, especially liked the layouts DSL, but the damned Plug in never worked. Kept crashing studio for me. Frustrated since I never found a solution I just called it quits and continued on with Java...
    Then, AS.2.2 Now AS 3.0, The DSL plugin still crashes 🙄
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    @Cybersapien it worked well for me but I had some issues using custom views so I just went back to XML layouts for most things. Especially now with ConstraintLayout, where the gui editor is really helpful.
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