Friend: Man you're a programmer why aren't you a billionaire already like the others??

Me: It's not that easy believe me.

Friend: I have a great idea for an app something like facebook...can be that hard?

Me: :/

Friend: you could do that instead of your no pay opensource shit...


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    ++ for 'defending' open source!
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    Why are non-developers so infatuated with money? Like yea, you can earn a lot in this industry but i dont even do it for the money, i do it because java soothes my crippling depression
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    Fuck the money ... I'm doing it because I LOVE programming and contributing to Open Source.
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    Sounds like my friends... :\
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    This conversation always makes me see that person like Uncle Rico from that moment on. https://youtu.be/xL-VX3WbA9U
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    I ❤️ This.
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    Open source everything 📖
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    @iNCEPTiON welldone mate, open source is our saviour.
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    they all have an idea "like" Facebook. lol fucking idiots.
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    I guess he doesn't grasp the concept of value beyond monetary value. What a simple soul.
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    Poor Google and Redhat, crying in their soup because they don't have two nickels to rub together...
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    Well, your friend is not all wrong either. Software developers are in a good position to set up the next unicorn startup, unlike a lot of other people.

    Let's work hard and get lucky 💪
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    @linuxxx Okay i did not expect to get even more than three upvotes on my defending open source comment O.o
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    Definitely not wrong about pointing out the obvious. Definitely wrong about open source. :D
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    @RedHugh What's wrong about the open source part?
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    @RedHugh Also, welcome and have your first upvote!
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    Am I the only one around here that likes money?
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    @linuxxx What's wrong with referring to open source as "bullshit" because he can't see a get-rich-quick scheme with it? Everything.
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    @linuxxx Thank you!
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    @RedHugh I'm still not sure what you mean, sorry :/
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    Who does he think will pay him and his Facebook idea?
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    @jonatan sorry mate going a bit phylisofical on your ass:

    Nobody likes money. It's just a means to an end. A form of power one can exert in a civilised manner. So it is either the things we can do we the money we appreciate or you are addicted to the endorfine rush that comes from amassing it. Even then you do not like the money you like the scoring.
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    @hjk101 I feel like this, as always, is based on your definitions.

    I like the things I could potentially buy with money, and to know that I have that money when I want something.

    Imo that doesn't mean I don't like money, I just like it because I can trade it for other things, in contrast to a PC that I like because I enjoy using it.

    So basically my view: you can like something even though it's mostly just a tool to get something else.
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    @jonatan you are correct. I also did not mean that a dislike is required. I was just trying to point out that when digging a bit deeper nobody cares about the money itself.
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    I do it to pay for my hobbies. It's way more fun than roofing, usually.
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    @RazorSh4rk is it sorta like cutting?
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    @inukinator yes but it hurts on the inside
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    Isn't it funny how it's always "I have an idea for an app like Facebook, except _______________." I've never once heard somebody try to pitch an app idea without saying "well it's not Facebook, but it does this this and this like Facebook without being like Facebook."
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    😂 😂
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    Everybody has misconceptions about other's professions. Even I think Doctors and Lawyers Take Bath in money. Some do, but they work equally hard.
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