My little brother just asked me in church if devRant is French for the Bible..

Ehmm no

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    SHUSH. Of course it is!!
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    We could make a religion out of this!
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    In the beginning @dfox & @trogus created devRant for iOS and android. The app was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the app. The ideas for improvement were hovering trough their minds.

    And dfox said, "let there be a light theme," and there was a light theme. And dfox saw that the light theme was good. He separated the light side from the dark side, and made the light theme the default setting.
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    @robbietoppert There was morning and there was evening, the first rant.
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    And @dfox said, Let there be a +1 and -1 in the midst of the rants and let it divide the rants from the "rants".
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    And @dfox said, Let the rants under devRant be gathered together unto one place, and let the best rants appear: and it was so.
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    There was evening and there was morning, the second rant.
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    Pleas tell me all your sins you have done so that @dfox may forgive you.
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    Lmao well done ya'll :)
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