Had a request from a client once, "I'd like that our site supports only IE10 and above. However if the visitor uses older IE version, say IE6, things should look and work the same as IE10".

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    Hahahaah really? Some people should think longer before they speak
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    @tomwolters unfortunately it was true.
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    This is awesome.
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    Well, you've got the requirement set and you should be able to it. You're the expert here
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    He wants a car to work exactly like a plane
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    does he also complain why his 60-year old black and white television doesn't support UHD 3D movies?
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    Just go for the basics then... Reset.css, no fancy styles, no jquery, not even deep js, and you'll even have xbox compatibility
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    send them a link to Microsoft support for IE6. then tell them it is not worth it.
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    well to display a 404 not found page, it will be same on ie6 or ie10. very easy to achieve your client needs.
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    @cpitkin that's what we did 😁
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