Agile can work really well with webapps. But does it work for mobile apps? Each iOS app release can take days if unlucky

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    A few days is a short time.
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    Agile works if it works.

    I went from a fully bottomless feature pit to agile and I stopped wanting to kill myself.

    Now that they board of directors has opened the buffet again, our agile process is dead and I daily think about shit I could be doing with my time.
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    You need to define your definition of done (DoD) to cater for or ignore release timelines.

    Is it done if it's been packaged up and sent for review? Or is it done when it's live?
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    Oh yeah I went from a decently agile shop to a new job. And I'm trying to figure out why I'm struggling with it.

    One difference is that my team now does both mobile and web whereas my previous job broke up web and mobile teams. And mobile team would sometimes go through sprints without releasing anything
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    @sariel pretty much what we've experienced last job. Took us years to finally get buy ins for agile. Only to have it ruined by more processes and senior management
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