Hey GitHub Idiot No Need To Write Capitalized Issue Requests Like This It Makes You Look Incompetent We Are Not Working In .NET Here On GitHub

just absolute 🤡

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    He Just Wants To Have A Small Shout At The Beginning Of Every Word.
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    That .NET reference made me laugh 😆
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    Makes it look like a movie title.

    "Fixed A Couple Of Things"
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    I am think it looks more professional
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    It is fine as long as it's not 10+ word sentence, IMO. After all, it's "The Title Case".
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    "We Are Not Working In .NET Here On GitHub" - so THAT is what's wrong with this platform...
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    @Ohiorenua You can't write a simple sentence, who cares what you think.
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    @Ohiorenua it’s idiosyncratic, but not in a good way
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    @Lensflare Try to read every commit comment with movie trailer voice in your head.
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    @Oktokolo """
    In A World Overrun By Bugs
    Added Shabang To File Magic.sh
    Fixed Typo In assets/shit/corn.css
    Starring #FR.666 Implemented In File the.rock
    Directed By PM OverpaidTool
    Written By _da_wiz@rD_
    From The Same Producers Of "Closed Ticket #1234",
    *Closed Ticket #1235*
    _Coming Soon To A PR Near You_
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    TIL, lmao oops. 🤡.
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