Hey guys ! I'm currently working on a project to implement a simplest version of TinyDB on Z1 motes 😀

And you, what project are you currently working on ? 🤓

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    Just about tout Begin a social network where I'd like tout use and discover React Js / Node Js , slim / php
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    Working on a cloud synced end to end encrypted clipboard manager!
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    Working in a project management/consulting management system.
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    Maintain a website used by 1000 active users at given point of time and 70000 unique users every day.
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    Looking for a job
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    @ffiebigc yay same fckin problem :D
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    Working on 9 VMs with their own NICs, trying to get them online
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    Working on a cross-platform C++ library, supporting things like platform-API abstraction, fiber-based task scheduling, text localization...
    I know multiple solutions are already available (SDL and others...) but I find it a great way for me to experiment with various low-level aspects of programming (memory allocators for instance) !
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    @linuxxx Working on == i finally got myself to crest the very simple database 😆
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    And I'm just here sitting, masturbating
    *Insert Spidey picture*
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    @apex was expecting one of these answers
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