Dunno if it's just ADHD or what, but I just had a whole bag of marshmallows and a mug of coffee and I'm falling asleep. 😴😴😴

Also, if somebody finds my motivation, chain it to something please. SOB keeps running away.

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    very well..

    *grabs some chains*

    shall we hunt together or do you require a prior power nap?
    hopefully we will find my motivation along with yours. that little fucker ran away some time ago..
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    @rootofskynet I might also be lacking sleep, so the power nap may end up a hibernation.
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    @Archive intriguing idea. somehow this sounds like I feel for a few weeks. strange.
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    Hot beverage causes drowsiness ;) at least until caffeine kicks in. that's why I've switched to ice coffee when driving.
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    If you get sleepy from coffee, you might actually be seriously tired.

    Do nothing and consume no media for a minute. If you are still tired, try sleeping. If not, try meditating, watch cat videos or do whatever else lets your brain relax. Sometimes it isn't actual tiredness but more a computational or sensory "overload".
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    @Archive if you're going in to hibernation just make sure to pull the power plug first so you don't end up with modern standby draining your battery
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    It's not ADHD, it's diabetes.
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    You need a second bag. Can't fall asleep while you're eating.
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    You don't feel tired when you're asleep. The coffee wakes you up enough that you can feel tired.
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