GOD why am I CONTINUALLY RESUBSCRIBED to garbo random newsletters!

we need to start a new internet altogether

and I know what's happening, these idiotic "tech influencers" pay some shady service to "bOosT YoUr FoLloWiNg bY 100X!!!" and they're blatantly just breaking the law, breaking GDPR, etc. etc., its bots all the way down, cant wait for clowns with 2 braincells to use a chatGPT integration with the web, content will just get SO much better fuck

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    Anybody could make their own frontend for delivering content. It doesn't have to be html/css/js based. Phone apps sort of do this.
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    Tell me your email address, I'll get you subscribed to some more.
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    it's called "spam" and it's what happens when you let non-nerds onto the internet.
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    @tosensei exactly. it's only gonna get worse
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    It's because of the shit you talk, mate!
    Someone hates your guts and knows your addresses.
    Easy as that.
    1 + 1.
    Basic maths.
    If I knew your address, I'd do the same.
    É Basta.
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    wait until they start using ChatGPT to *fully* automate the social engineering component of hacking.
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    @electrineer put up a dashboard where each of our usernames is our email, and each email has a score on it. And people vote on the 'best' by subbing to newsletters using a participants emails.

    High score or die.
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    @scor wrong, it's demonstrable with a python script that can be written in 10 minutes using something like selenium, and since some idiot investor or pRoDucT dEsIgNeR wanted to "rEdUcE FriCtiOn aS mUcH aS PoSsIbLe" sites like substack, and many others, have no captcha protection and NO double opt-in to their email subscription flow. so basically any botnet can subscribe you to as many newsletters as it can! so we all can expect more and more spam email because nobody is going to fix this

    its idiots all the way down, and will stay that way whether I shit talk or not
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    This shit even happens with my work email address, because it's first initial last name @company.com. They scrape my LinkedIn name and employer and they have all they need to spam the hell out of me.

    And of course some of the "legitimate newsletters" I'm subscribed to have non-functional unsubscribe links.
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    @EmberQuill same. Finally got off linked in.
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