I do not usually shit on operating systems or participate on hate discussions about tech and what not.

But boy, Windows 11 does fucking suck and it is giving me Vista vibes regarding how much I fucking hate it. And no, unfortunately I cannot change this PC to Linux (as I have before with other work computers) since I need Windows for it.

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    Microsoft decided to break the pattern of odd windows good, even windows bad (with the exception of win ME 😂)
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    @CoreFusionX it still follows the pattern of good and bad Windows alternately:
    Windows 98 good
    Windows ME bad
    Windows XP good
    Windows Vista bad
    Windows 7 good
    Windows 8 bad
    Windows 10 good (relatively)
    Windows 11 bad
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    True. My bad.

    They threw me off track when they skipped 9 😂
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    Windows 98 bad

    Windows ME shit

    Windows XP meh

    Windows Vista shit

    Windows 7 good

    Windows 8 shit

    Windows 10 bad

    Windows 11 shit
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    @cafecortado 3.11 and 95 where good too.
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    @Oktokolo you can still run 3.1 on dosbox.

    I've done it to run some really old games.
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    @sariel It was good for me back then. It wouldn't be bearable now (but so wouldn't be the games just because my brain is accustomed to antialiased 4k now).
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    @CoreFusionX couldn't do windows 9 because it would have broken all the Windows 9X stuff.
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    What’s the issue with it? I am on 10, too scared to update.
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    Not a big fan of windows, but sometimes forced to use it, for me 11 so far so good (Didn't spend much on it though)
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    - hardware that worked in 10 won't work in 11 because the vendor hasn't paid MS grift money

    - CPU must be from the last 3 years

    - TPM

    - secure boot is required

    - "tablet first" UI/UX

    - TPM

    - You must use a MS account to even use it

    - start menu is useless and is basically the chrome-os launcher

    - TPM

    - start menu has ads built in

    - taskbar is shit. Takes 3-5 clicks to change wifi

    - taskman is neutered to fuck and sports a useless vertical menu that only uses icons... Wait you can click on the hamburger at the top aaaaand it just goes away when you select anything

    - TPM

    Dare anyone else continue?
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    Easy solution, stay on Windows 10 like me
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    @sariel just the first 1 is not true, 2-4 was the first time ever that MS decided to cut off so much hw...compare it to apple how much hw cut off every year (yes win 11 was the first one to do worst than apple)

    For the rest I agree
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    Legit clueless...

    Didn't they do away with the whole TPM thing after all the backlash?
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    @dontbeevil from XP to vista/7 they cut off basically everything, including peripherals that never got a 64 bit driver
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    @electrineer they didn't cut off the hw, they just changed the drivers, it's up to peripherals producer update them. Also windows 11 is the first one to be 64 bit only,but still support 32bit sw
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    I mean, what OS is actually good? iOS has 0% backwards compatibility or compatibility with anything besides Apple products. With Linux distributions, good luck if you run into a bug unless you’re an OS developer. I haven’t updated to W11 but my partner has a Surface and they’re loving it.
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    @CoreFusionX from what I understand, no.

    The TPM is used to encrypt/decrypt the disk when your device is off.

    Funny how Linux has done this for years without a TPM.

    It reeks of the typical tracking bullshit every company is doing these days now.

    @dontbeevil I must be experiencing what @electrineer and you said then.

    @eo2875 I could easily forgive buggy software. My biggest complaints aren't bugs, they're "features". When a product changes because the company wants to and completely ignores the wants or needs of consumers, that's bad product development.

    Microsoft is saying, "don't like it? Go somewhere else, but you'll be back because we're everywhere."

    Fuck Microsoft and their shitty products.
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    @eo2875 Linux driver support is pretty okay now though. Sure, nVidia still sucks on Linux - because they seem to still really want to ("fuck you, nVidia!"). But apart from that, it basically just works on desktop PCs and the support for vendor-specific laptop hardware got better too. The times where you would actually need to compile a custom kernel are over.
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    @eo2875 With Windows bugs, you're out of luck even if you should be an OS developer. Good luck trying to file a bug report for Windows as regular end user.

    E.g. under Mint, I ran into an issue with my GPU and figured out which package needed an update. Fixed that on my machine, and I could have left it at that.

    However, I also filed a bug report with Ubuntu so that other users, both Mint an Ubuntu ones, got the fix via the normal distro updates. If many who can actually do it like that, everyone will profit.
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    @Fast-Nop Did Ubuntu upstream the fix?
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    @Oktokolo AMD, with their lousy QA as always, had uploaded a shitty firmware to the kernel git and only corrected that later.

    The problem was that in between, Ubuntu had their LTS freeze, and after that, Ubuntu will usually not update the firmware package. However, a bug report with "doesn't work, but does with current firmware" provides a reason.

    The result is that shit usually is ironed out until the first LTS point release.
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    @Fast-Nop Oh that fuckup. Well, at least AMD does have a FOSS driver and they do fix bugs relatively fast. The bar isn't that high in the dGPU market (Intel might change that soon).

    Discovery of bugs after LTS freezes happen in all distribution supporting an LTS version all the time in all sorts of packages. I don't like the backport approach for dealing with that, but have no perfect solution either (i use Gentoo and sometimes i have to pin some package to a specific version).
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    Had my ups and downs with win11, but overall I'm happy with it.
    Ignoring the crippled right click menu, most serious annoyances got patched over the past months.
    On my main system overall performance is also really good, but my Notebook (ThinkPad T440s, 4th gen i7) really struggels even existing at all, that's why I'm almost always rdp'ing into my PC over wireguard, when I'm not at home.

    Every once in a while, when something like the MS Store or XBlive randomly stop working without giving specific error messages, I tend to temporarily really hate Windows aswell until fixed. But I had such issues with every Version of Windows in the past...

    I really like, that winget is installed by default. It has almost everything I want to install quickly.
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    Windows 8 was not that bad. They finally got decent boot times. But the initial release suffered from full screen app mania. Once they fixed that it was quite a good OS.
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