Damn, and where is the "never" option? (p.s. This is a list of dates if it's not so obvious :))

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    You can disable Windows Update in your services, but you should update for security reasons.
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    From a consumer stand point I think its good there isn't a never option because we all know that if we'd allow people to never update they will never update and later complain about viruses or something else
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    @liammartens @Arctic dont want to disable due to security but don't either want to be forced to update, as i find those win 10 updates pretty agressive. One led me to bsod bootloop on company machine. Luckily i keep everything backed up, so I "just" lost two business days waiting for my pc reinstalled. So i prefer to update as far away from the first update release as possible.
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    Aw. I thought I found a fellow Slovenian at first glance.
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    Doesn't the On/Off toggle serve as never?
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