Is it just me or with every Dev rant avatar the males seem angry/annoyed and the females look worried?

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    And that's how you know Trogus is a real dev :D
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    as an option for 1000++ smiling faces would be nice
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    @heyheni what is this smiling you talk about
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    @RazorSh4rk i'ts a physical human function that gets called when other devs love your code or a programm you wrote just works flawlessly. Or when you read a good programming joke here on DevRant.
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    @GhostFish oh... it's devRant so we're here to offload our bad mood about product managers and horrible clients so no wonder everybody looks grumpy here :D
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    I'm hiding my feelings
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    well accuracy is obvioulsy a key priority with devrant
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    @heyheni we should have functions called to play audio too
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