I just found out devRant UWP client us made with VB.NET (oh f**k)


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    Well what should he use, c#? Hahaha
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    "because i can" ))
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    This is not support forum for an unofficial client :P
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    VB.NET is love, VB.NET is life (kiiiinda unironnically)
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    @jerome724 did you post another rant lately? You have to wait.

    @CozyPlanes: why not?
    VB.NET = easier version of C#, with different syntax, but same performance

    VB.NET is the first language I learnt 7 years ago, I love it. :)
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    @jerome724 I noticed now that you have 0 rants.
    Please contact me ("Feedback" button in the menu of the app), with the text of the rant you want to post (and with an image, if you want to attach it).
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    @RazorSh4rk what do you have against C# ?

    I personally prefer C# modern syntax over vb (and java, php, js, swift, objectivec...) but permoance wise in .Net it's the same, you're free to use what you prefer, even mixed
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    @JS96 didn't knew we can make uwp with vb.net
    Officially supported?
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    @CozyPlanes yes, of course, always supported (since WP7) :)
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    @CozyPlanes also js and c++
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